About us

Chief Executive Message

MEW (PVT) LTD sincerely believes in the mission of our visionary founder, Mr. Zafar Ali Syed (late). Undeterred by emerging challenges, we also believe in converting every challenge into an opportunity. Every effort is made to do our best in positive contribution to further progress of the maritime industry.

Looking at the complex challenges, we are all set to steer the ship towards the shores of victory, as we earnestly believe maritime trade to be both vibrant and strong dynamic contender of the future.

Mr. Zafar Ali Syed (Late), always believed in hard work and in being consistent. Throughout his life he believed and practised the dictum “Nothing is impossible”, a belief that is put into our practice everyday.

With a strong, committed and passionate team of professionals in diverse fields at the helm, efficient management at MEW takes on a new responsibility. The task therefore is to harness the power of man and machine to the optimum for achieving and delivering service standards that set new benchmarks for the industry to follow by increasing efficiency on the one hand and reducing cost on the other.

Technological advantage, professional expertise and the will to forge ahead are all impeccably in place. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Our satisfied clientele are our certificates of high competence in core areas of our operational excellence.

Nadeem Zafar

(Chief Executive)