Fleet - Amphibian Machinery

Truxo 4700 - Outline Specification
Motor Lombardini Focs 1003 27 hp diesel engine environment class Euro 2
Electric system Generator 45 ampere, battery 45 ah
Radiator system Water-cooled with double-cooler for engine and hydraulic system
Left Joystick For driving the machine, the hydraulic outlet with variable flow of 5-25L/min hydrostatic operation
Right Joystick lifts, tilts, weight distribution
Driver's seat Folding cab, ergonomic, electrically heated driver's seat, adjustable steering-regulator with temperature meter, control lights, hourcounter
Driving speed 0-80 m/min
Front lift Lifting power 250 kg, DM attachment for fast exchange of tools
Material Pontoons made of saltwater-durable aluminium. The steel construction is heat galvanized
Dimension Length 4.7 m, Width: 2.06 m, Height: 2.1 m
Weight 1350 kg
Equipment Work lighting, service tools
Model TruxorDM4700B (delivered CE-marked)
Art no. 94-4700B2S